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If you are looking for a driving school, one which you will always remember in a positive way and one where you will be confident and successful when you sit and pass your test, then this is the right school for you. You need look no further. I am not only a very experienced instructor, but also a very patient teacher. At my school, I care deeply about the well-being of my students and the effectiveness of their learning and my instruction. I am determined to help students become tomorrow’s good drivers. People learn in different ways and I am experienced in working with all kinds of learners and finding the best way for them to learn. I offer a sensitive, personal course tailored to your needs and I understand that people learn in different ways. We will find the best way for you!


What instructor i am ?


I have 13 years of experience as a driver and five years working on the road in the UK as an driving instructor. I am patient and determined. You will not go to the exam until I have the confidence that you are ready to pass the first time.

You will have the confidence too. You will be ready. You will pass the test.

Why am I the best?


My Driving Instructor’s license was gained in Northern Ireland (no. ADI 2529), so I am very experienced in teaching here to the exact standards of the DVLA of Northern Ireland. My warm invitation for you to join me is aimed at people who want to learn quickly, easily and affordably . Being bi-lingual, I can also help Polish students with translations during the exam. If you do not know or are concerned about English, you can count on my help in translating the examiner’s instructions during the exam.


Kris Szabelski 


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