Illegal instructors


 Illegal instructors may seem professional and often offer lessons at a lower rate than the ADI instructor or APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. They cannot be properly insured however, which is a crucial factor before starting to learn to drive safely.  Instructors MUST PASS the rigorous ADI test before they can teach driving professionally. Unqualified instructors may teach driving instructions which may be incorrect or misleading. This can quite simply cause a TEST FAILURE rather than a TEST PASS for the learner driver. Dangerous and unprofessional driving habits can also be picked up by the student of a non- ADI driving instructor. ALWAYS ask to see the instructor’s ADI certificate before you even get into their car! For more information or if you have problems you can call the DVA (Driving Vehicle Agency) 028 90 54 79 33 or visit

The ADI- Approved Driving Instructor


So, only use a professional ADI instructor before starting to learn to drive!  An ADI instructor is the best way to learn the practical aspects and the knowledge needed to take and pass both the theory test as well as the driving test itself.




How to apply for a temporary driving license (Provisional Driving License)


A temporary license is needed in order to take driving lessons and take the theory and the practical test. To get this, you need to fill in a DL1 form available from a main Post Office or the local office of the Licensing Office Premises or "MOT" center. For details, ask your instructor. To fill the application form  in you  need to attach a photo, passport or ID card and a cheque or postal order  made payable to 'DVLA / DVA ".

The price for this application is about £50. You need to send  the original documents, not copies.

DVA office address in Belfast (centre):

1 Cromac Avenue,

Ormeau Road, Belfast BT7 2JA

Return of documents


The DVLA normally returns the documents within 10 working days. If you do not receive the documents within this time, you should contact them. The licence is issued by 

The Driver Licensing Division.

County Hall,                                                                                                                          

Castlerock Road,                                                                                                                      

Coleraine BT51 3TB


Tel. 0845 402 4000


The Theory Test


You have to pass a theory test before you can apply for the practical test. The theory test consists of two parts: a multiple choice section and a hazard perception test. After passing the examination, you have two years to take and pass the practical test.


The Practical Test


When you are ready and not before you will sit the practical exam which takes about 45mins and you will be examined by a qualified driving examiner who will give you various driving instructions through-out the test .

Don’t be surprised if you need more lessons than you thought! Experienced drivers might say that you only need a few lessons in order to pass the exam. That was maybe the case in their day! The test has changed in the current period and drivers need to be better trained than in the past. Our roads are faster and more dangerous. The learner driver needs the best instruction and practice possible before taking the test. Everyone wants good drivers on our roads.